Moon and Wolf

The moon and this wolf make the beginnings of agreat, intriguing story.  Perfect for romance stories, or even Hallowe’en.


About Georgene

My Gallery Gallery of Art Link Thank you for taking time to look at my book covers. I am continually amazed at how much fun it is to imagine and create pictures for what you, the author, are writing about! Based on recent comments, I am hearing that there is a need for more ethnic couples, attractive older people, and more unusual topics. I am working hard to accommodate those requests! Please be sure to keep checking to see if there's something in my Gallery of Art that you didn't notice before. I try to post at least one new book cover every day, and some days, the ideas just flow and I get several up! These covers are one of a kind. I use a combination of stock and purchased images, plus a healthy sprinkle of my own personal photographs that I have "dressed up" for your use. I find it so much fun to take pretty pictures and see how I can make them work for you in your books. Although I came to art later in life (I'm a retired CPA), the fun is never-ending!
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